About Valarie

Does your outward look match the way you feel inside – and the goals you aspire to? Is it practical, or do those heels that work in the boardroom become a problem at soccer practice? What message does your appearance send to the people you meet?

Valarie Stock was faced with hard questions like these ones five years ago when, at the age of 37, a divorce and career change up-ended her roles at home and at work – not to mention her perspective. Working to streamline and synchronize her own image, she quickly realized she wasn’t alone in her quest.

Enrollment at Fashion Institute of Technology with the Association of Image Consultants International followed. Today, Valarie is an image consultant and personal shopper who has helped hundreds of clients achieve their own transformations.

Whether your closet is stuck in 2003 or just needs a fresh set of eyes, Valarie can help achieve a look and functionality that’s in line with your day-to-day lifestyle, goals, and aspirations. Divorce, weight loss, career change, or a new outlook are other shifts that call for a renewed take on style and appearance. Valarie guides clients from all these walks of life through their wardrobe changes, placing them on the road to personal success.

Valarie has been at Bloomingdale’s Willow Grove Park since 2010, where accolades have included Bloomingdale’s highest honor, “Best of the Best,” in April of 2013. In early 2014, she was inducted into the President’s Club for her sales achievement – $750,000 in the 2013 year- one of only three people at that location to do so.

If you are looking for a personal shopper and/or image consultant to help align how others see you with the way you see yourself, Valarie’s the one! Contact her at 215.622.4422 or visit http://www.valariestock.com to book a complimentary consultation.


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