10 Day Challenge- Day 4!

So, did you divide and conquer successfully? Did you start making a mental notes of things you want to get rid of? I’m sure as you weeded through the items there might have been more than a few that you knew had to go?!?!  Right.  This is a really good thing and is truly the natural progression of the 10 Day Challenge!

What’s next you ask?  Making the grade!  There are many things in your wardrobe that are just B’s & C’s, hanging around to be worn only if the clothes you really love are not available that day.  I need you to go through each one and see what makes it and what goes! If you want to make a real change here and have a year of fabulous style, you are going to need to be really honest and take away all of the items that are just “okay”.  Once divided, it’s time to get real. Ask yourselves a few questions about what remains. Do you love it? Does it make you feel great when you wear it? Is it one of you favorites? Do you receive compliments when worn? If you cannot answer yes to any and all of these questions, you might want to consider getting rid of it and replacing it with something that suits you better.  As your personal shopper, it is my goal to have clients own a wardrobe full of favorites that make you feel like a million and tossing the “just alright” is the first step! There is no need for mediocrity, my friends, if it doesn’t work than it’s time for new! Now go and finish that first section and repeat until your closet is ready for the next step.

Still having problems getting started in these first few steps?  Not to worry my friend, just give a call and we will book an appointment to get you started on a year of extraordinary style!



Valarie Stock

Image Consultant & Personal Shopper



“Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time…”


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