10 Day Challenge- Day 2!

Did you complete your first step of the challenge? Is the laundry all done and are all those piles put back where they belong?  Baskets emptied? So, how long has it been? And please tell me, just how good do you feel at the present moment? I personally love the feeling of seeing things through to completion, but sometimes the time just doesn’t allow. I am hoping that you feel as good as I do today and that you are ready for the second day of this challenge and a new task to complete!

Today’s assignment could be a difficult one. I am going to ask you to remove items from your closet that might have been there for years.  I understand that there are things you haven’t worn in sometime, things that perhaps do not fit or even things that have sentimental value.  If this is the case, now is the time to ask yourself why it’s still there? Hanger space is a precious commodity and giving it to something that hasn’t been worn in over a year is never ever a good idea! There is a reason why you’re not wearing it, a reason it no longer belongs there. Whether it doesn’t fit, is something that you hope will come back into style or is that sentimental dress you just can’t get rid of, it needs to leave the hanger. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just move it from cluttering your way to extraordinary style today! Whichever route you choose- donation, giving it to a friend or even just storing it in the basement until you know what to do with it, this step is critical to completing the challenge and making sure that you start this year off right!



Valarie Stock



“Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time…”


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