On the Fourth Day of Christmas…


So, now we are really down to the wire, aren’t we? Have you finished your shopping yet? No? Really? Don’t frett, I still have a couple of ideas up my sleeve.  Keep reading daily and see if you can’t find that perfect present for your loved one!

Another perfect “go to” gift- a present that everyone will appreciate- is the gift of great scent.  Unless allergic, there are so many different types of fragrance and such a variety to choose from that this is one gift that will always be a success! Perhaps perfume is too strong? Fragrance can sometimes be too overpowering. That’s quite alright, though, there are many different ways to wear a scent.  You can always try their favorite scent in an oil, creme or lotion, which will present the fragrance in a softer way! Questions?  Need a last minute basket for someone close?  Give a call and I will be sure to get you taken care of before the holiday on Thursday!



Valarie Stock

Image Consultant & Personal Shopper

Direct. (215)622.4422


“Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time…”


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