On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

Hello again and Happy Monday!  As we continue through the 12 days of gift giving, one person in particular might be tough to purchase that perfect gift for- the man in your life!  Typically he won’t have a laundry list of items he wants, because gift receiving will not be high on his list of priorities. For myself and my clients, I try to dig and find out what the he likes to do and build a gift or experience around it.  This will make it memorable for years to come, something that will set you apart from the other gifts he’s received!

So, is he a clothes hound? Perhaps he’s incredibly particular about the watch that he wears? Does he love the arts & theater? Or perhaps he has a sports that he adores?  Giving a gift that resonates with him for years to come might be as simple as merging an interest with the tangible and intangible- a gift that includes something he loves and a chance to experience it in a new way!  You could try cigar sampling at Holt’s followed by dinner at his favorite restaurant in town…  Or how about tickets for his favorite team merged with an autograph from the star player… Is he a Hemingway fan? A weekend jaunt to Chicago, a tour and his favorite editions all wrapped and ready for the holiday… Sound good? I challenge each of you to take a look at where your favorite man’s interests are to see if you can’t come up with something! If you need help, I am always ready with ideas if you provide the interests. Let me guide the way to make sure this year’s gift is one he will remember!

Valarie Stock
Image Consultant & Personal Shopper
Direct. (215)622.4422
“Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time…”

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