On the Eleventh Day of Christmas…


Good morning!  So the malls are packed and you have been everywhere looking for that perfect gift and still nothing??  There are so many items to choose from, yet you are still stumped?!? Well, these are the days that I am going to show you how it’s done- a personal shoppers guide to shopping for things that your love ones will be thrilled to receive!

Continuing on yesterday’s theme on simple to the elaborate- another great item to choose is cashmere!  Bloomingdales has a fabulous selection of cashmere in every department of the store and mixing and matching from different areas will make a perfect theme!  Whether a throw for the living room, paired with fuzzy socks, a good book and a bottle of wine or perhaps a robe mixed with bath and body products for the perfect relaxing night, the gift of cashmere is one they will always love!  Not sure on how to put it all together?  Call me and I will be sure to



Valarie Stock

Image Consultant & Personal Shopper

Direct. (215)622.4422


“Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time…”


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