Summer Closet Audit Special!

From this… 614.1


To this…  614.2


Do you still have heavy sweaters mixed in with your summer items?  Or perhaps you feel like the outfit you chose wasn’t what it should be at the graduation picnic, last week?  Is your closet just overwhelming?  To the point that you hate opening the door?  Too many clothes and nothing to wear?  Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?  If so, I can help!  Summer closet audits are a great way to separate winter from summer, clean out the items you no longer need and find hidden gems in those drawers!  At the end, you will have a wardrobe of favorites, all organized to you liking!  Book this week and receive a $50 discount!  Call to find out more!



Valarie Stock
Image Consultant & Personal Shopper
Direct. (215)622.4422″Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time”



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