Look 10 pounds thinner instantly!

Let’s face it- we all strive to look our best everyday and never want to add weight to our figure, whatever size we may be! Here are some tried and true secrets for looking your best and taking 10 pounds off instantly when you get dressed!

1. Wear clothes that fit- One of the biggest mistake my clients make is wearing clothes that are too big, compensating for what they perceive as their problem areas. Unfortunately, most times this strategy fails. No matter what size you are or what the flaw, there is a wardrobe fix-I promise you! Wearing proper fitting clothing will ensure that you look your best and believe it or not, just might take ten pounds off your figure!


2. Proper fitting lingerie- Proper fitting lingerie and shape wear can make all of the difference in the quest to look your best! Their are experts out there who specialize in bras and shape wear, ones who can fit you and make sure there is no bra bulge or muffin top. Smoothing the foundation and making sure that your undergarments fit correctly will definitely take 10 pounds off when you look in the mirror!


3. Monochromatic Dressing- choosing one color from head to toe and then adding an accent color will immediately make you look thinner! Try it- pair black or white pants with the same color, high quality tee and then add a bright colored accent scarf or sweater. I can’t wait to see your results- send your full length photos in!


4. Balance- wearing something that is too big or too small on the top and bottom will not be flattering- I guarantee it! When wearing a wider leg trouser, be sure to pair it with a fitted blouse or cute little jacket that is belted or cinched at the waist. Conversely, when you reach for this skinny jeans or leggings, be sure to pair it with a romantic blouse that has some depth to it!


5. Wide belts- Find that perfect wide belt to wear and it will immediately create a defined waist and slim you. As with garments that fit correctly, defining your shape, no matter what your size, will always be flattering!


6. The RIGHT Accessories- A big statement necklace will always makes you look taller and leaner- it draws the eye upward, placing the focal point on one’s neck and face. As well, be sure that your handbag is a size that flatters your figure, not emphasizes your curves or lack there of. A bag which is too big or too small can throw you shape off balance, making you look bigger or smaller than you actually are. Be sure to accessorize in proportion with your own shape and your style is sure to be a success!


Dressing one’s self can sometimes be difficult, but with these simple tips you will be well on your way to looking your best each and every day! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have- I am always here to help you!  Enjoy the day!



Valarie Stock
Image Consultant & Personal Shopper
Direct. (215)622.4422

“Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time…”


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