Shapers, Shapers, Shapers!



Like everything else in life, a wardrobe begins with a solid foundation!  Depending on what shape you are or what the heredity hand dealt, one might encounter a few dimples or wrinkles that can absolutely ruin the perfect outfit!  And don’t kid yourself, whether you are a size 2 or 22, the wrong undergarments WILL ruin even the hottest of trends.  I know you’ve witnessed it- muffin top, bra bulge, cottage cheese…  Call it what you will, however unless you walk on the runway everyday, you too just might benefit from the modern version of a girdle!  Psst… they even have them for men!  Each of my customers understands the importance of the piece and even the naysayers keep at least one in their wardrobe!  I admit it- they can be uncomfortable… body shaper’s do take some getting used to.  BUT, I promise you that the results are well worth the small bit of discomfort that you experience.

Book you appointment today ladies, Private Sale begins on Thursday!

Valarie Stock
Image Consultant
Direct. (215)622.4422

“Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time”


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