Organizing your Closet in 7 easy steps…


Organizing your closet is never an easy task, so it ends up being put on the back burner for another day. Here are some ideas to get you started, ones which will break down the large project into stress-free, easy to complete steps!

1. A great man once said to begin with the end in mind… Please, please, please make sure that all of your clothes are clean, folded and in their proper place before you begin! Seriously. Who wants to finish organizing only to find another pile on top of the washer that you have to sort through? Put it away and get it right the first time, providing a path for completion and freeing your time up to do something you love!

2. You haven’t worn this in how many years? If this is the case, why is it still there? Hanger space is a precious commodity and giving it to something that hasn’t been worn in over a year is never a good idea. There is a reason why you’re not wearing it, a reason it no longer belongs there. Whether it doesn’t fit, is something that you hope will come back into style or is that sentimental dress you just can’t get rid of, it needs to leave the hanger. Donate it, give it to a friend who will get some good use out of it or place it in storage, but never keep it on the hanger if it’s not currently serving you!

3. Divide & Conquer: Now that everything is where it should be and you have gotten rid of the things that are no longer working, it’s time to get to the task at hand! First thing first- let’s divide each piece of clothing by garment type- if unclear, here’s a good start;
a. Business Suits
b. Pants
c. Dresses (day & formal)
d. Skirts
e. Tops & Sweaters
f. Denim
g. Workout Clothes
h. Lingerie & Swimsuits

4. Does it make the cut? Once divided, it’s time to get real. Ask yourselves a few questions about what remains. Do you love it? Does it make you feel great when you wear it? Is it one of you favorites? Do you receive compliments when worn? If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions, you might want to consider getting rid of it and replacing it with something that you love. As your stylist, it is my goal to have clients own a wardrobe full of favorites that make you feel like a million and tossing the “just alright” is the first step! Now go! Finish that first section and repeat until your closet is ready for the next step!

5. Donate: Once all sections are done, pack everything up and donate it as soon as possible. There are way too many temptations of mediocrity residing in those bags! Looking your best means letting go of all those “but maybe one day” pieces. Whether you are in workout clothes or a formal dress, your clothes should always make you feel confident and beautiful. If you are blessed enough to have items that are no longer worn, donate it to someone who is in need and can gain great benefit from your generosity! Local organizations such as NOVA at (215)249.8000 or A Women’s Place at (215)343-9241 can use these items to do good for those less fortunate.

6. Make a list and check it twice! Now that you are left with only what you love, you might have some things you need to replace or outfits that need completing- it’s time to shop for new clothes! Making a list of the things you need is a good start. Creating complete outfits you love and supplementing your wardrobe with new pieces will provide the boost you need to kick start your new wardrobe!

7. Say ahhhh… Now that you love everything in your wardrobe, you will never have to tackle the question “What should I wear?” Organizing your wardrobe and focusing on purchasing only items that are your favorites will free your mind and time of the dreaded “But I have nothing to wear?!?!?!” and pave way for enjoying each moment life has to offer!

Questions?? I am always here to help you- seeing my clients succeed is why I do what I do! If you cannot do this on your own, I am available for in-home appointments. We will develop a plan for your wardrobe and perform a closet audit as soon as you are ready! Call me at (215)622.4422 and we will set something up!


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