Denim & Delectables… A Denim Fit Party designed for you!


Denim & Delectables

The Delicious Denim Fit Party

that caters to you!

Do you have a hard time finding that “perfect pair” of jeans?  The one’s that make you look your best and feel like pajamas anytime you put them on?  Or perhaps you struggle to even find the time to ever get to the mall to try new things on?  Shopping with your girlfriends- who has time for that?  Right…

Well, we have the answer to your struggles!  Grab a few friends and spend your Friday night with us!  We will teach you all you need to know about the fine art of picking jeans that are suited for you!  From the time that you arrive until the moment you leave, it is all about you!  We will answer all of your questions about jeans, listen to your needs and understand what it is that you are looking for, show you the different styles available to you and have you try on denim until we find that perfect fit that makes you look like a million!  All the while, we will be waiting on you hand & foot, making selections just for you & keeping everyone in smiles with champagne and cupcakes!  At the close of the event, Bloomingdale’s will have a special bag of goodies just for you.  Your and your friends will be ready to take on the town in style!

Call to book you appointment today!


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