Tip of the Day… Picking Denim for an Inverted Triangle

intridenim intridenim1 intridenim2 intridenim3

Denim is such a tough thing and I really cannot emphasize enough how critical the right fit is!  I hope that these tips enable all of you to find a pair that suits you best…  Really, everyone deserves a great pair of denim- nothing beats a pair of jeans that feel like pajamas AND make you look great!

Now, to my inverted triangle body types… You will be trying to achieve balance with your top half, which can be done by drawing the eye downward and balancing the hips and the upper body.  When looking for that perfect pair of jeans, think bright and light!  This year’s bright colored skinny’s are made for you- those of us who are more shapely are way jealous that you will look so good in these!  The other thing to look for is denim in a light color, which will automatically catch one’s eye and balance your legs with your bust and shoulder line.  And don’t forget to keep a pair of flare or wide leg denim in your arsenal this year- wide-legged denim is back and it makes a great go-to for those trying to balance their upper body!  Question?  As always, call me!  I am really looking forward to helping you in the quest for great denim!




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