Tip of the Day… Picking Denim for a Triangle Shape


triangledenim2131 triangledenim2133

In continuing with yesterday’s trend, I want to focus on denim and picking out what types are the best fit for my triangle shaped clients!  Because triangle shapes carry weight in their bum and thighs, the goal is to balance this area with the rest of your body and to draw the eye upward.  By wearing a mid-rise, one will immediately elongate their leg line- however, be careful that the rise isn’t too high!  The incorrect rise might shorten the line of your leg and bring one’s focus right to your hips!  Also, I do believe there is a perfect pair of skinny’s for everyone, though if you feel self conscience a great place to start is with a straight leg.  Straight leg’s, boot cut and flares will visually balance the leg and give you comfort in wearing a fitted jean.  I love to work with my clients picking out denim- it is so exhilarating to put someone in premium denim for the first time, one who never realized jeans could be so flattering!  Give me a call or email and let me know when you want to come in for your denim!  Mad about Fashion is this weekend- what a escape from cabin fever- call to book today!



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