Pool Noodles for Boots- who knew!


Good morning and Happy Monday to you all!  Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow in the Northeast and Spring will be fast approaching- the groundhog is never right, right:)?  I just heard about an easy, cost effective way to store your boots when you are not wearing them or in the off season- pool noodles!  Found at sporting goods stores, you might just want to go and get yourself a few.  Measure the length necessary to keep your boot upright, then cut them down to that measurement, insert into boot and voila- now you have a way to keep your boot upright when not in use- a simple, cost effective way to neatly store your boots!

Don’t forget- this week is presale for Mad about Fashion!  A great way to spruce up your wardrobe and think Spring!  Call for your appointment today!

Direct. (215)622.4422
Email. valarie.j.stock@gmail.com

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