Tip of the Day… Dressing a Rectangular Shape



Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

Today we are going to focus on my rectangular clients- and by the way, for those of you unaware, a rectangular body shape is one whose waist, hips and shoulders are all about the same size. Because we all strive for that hourglass figure and the appearance of feminine curves, rectangles have to create the appearance through different styling techniques- ones that build up the shoulders and hip lines, making the waist appear smaller. This is easily achieved with the right clothing and I am here to show you how to do it! Lets take a look at how dresses can do just that for you…

Because your figure is straight, choosing a dress that is rich in feminine detail and styling is your first priority! Ruffles, puff sleeves and skirts, as well as lace and applique, are all details that will flatter your figure and give the appearance of feminine curves. Take a look at the provided examples and call me with any questions that you may have! Passionate about dressing my clients in style, I am always there to take your call and look forward to seeing the messages about what you are interested in! Body type dressing is an easy way to make yourself look great everyday and I am here to lead the way!

Direct. (215)622.4422
Email. valarie.j.stock@gmail.com


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