Cocktail Party Dressing 101

Wondering what to wear to that cocktail party this coming Saturday evening? Do you have a closet full of dresses and nothing to wear? Let’s make the experience of picking your outfit as easy as socializing your way through the soiree! Looking your best should be easy and the following ideas can provide a blueprint to work from…

The Little Black Dress. First things first. One can never go wrong with the LBD, as long as the fabric selection matches the occasion. Lightweight lace and knits for barefoot cocktails on the beach and silk and sequins for champagne sipping at the club. Appropriate selection will make you feel that much better when you enter the room and ensures comfort and enjoyment for each moment of the evening!

All that Glitters. A cocktail party is the time to play up your wardrobe and what could be more fun than opening up to the realm of shiny, sparkling dresses! Wearing one of these little numbers correctly is a true show stopper and will have everyone talking about your outfit for days to come. There are so many sparkling options to choose from this year, just make sure that the preferred choice makes you shine just as brilliantly as the dress itself!

Jumping for Joy. If you personality is just a bit different and you are looking to wear something to match that uniqueness, why don’t you try a jumpsuit? There are plenty of options to choose from this year and you will wow everyone with this completely appropriate but extremely different option! Go for the gusto with a bold color and steal the show!

Length matters. Cocktail length is just above the knee to just above the ankle, however we all found out how difficult it was to wear a mid-calf length dress 2 years ago, no? These days hem lengths can be pushed to new heights, however to be sure the dress is flattering, don’t push the length too much farther than just below the knee. If you really want to wear something long, opt for the leg lengthening jumpsuit instead.

Handbags. As the dress size becomes smaller, so does the bag. One can’t go wrong with a clutch, just large enough to hold your evening’s essentials.

Accessories. If deciding to go simple with the design or color of the dress, play up your look with a statement necklace or large cuff bracelet. Make sure that you creat a show stopping outfit through the dress that is worn or the accessories you choose!

I cannot stress enough how cocktail parties are an opportunity to shine and ignore apprehension when it comes to dressing! Take the opportunity to shine this holiday season and have everyone you know talking about the outfit you were wearing at the party of the year! Questions? Need a second opinion? Book an appointment with me today and we will make you the talk of the town!

cocktailparty1 cocktailpartyacc5

cocktailparty4 cocktailpartyacc2




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