Image is so much more than clothing- A letter to a client…

Dear Jessica,

Losing 20lbs is not easy, walking four miles is not easy and listening to your grandmother tell you that you will never be the success you wish to be is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.

However, with all of the pounds that you lose, every step that you take and each size that you drop, know that there was someone who was just like you cheering you on and waiting to see you at the finish line.

Call me anytime- I am always here for support and motivation. You’ve got it in you my friend, knock em’ dead!

Highest Regards,


To all of my readers…Image is so much more than clothing and outward apprearance. It is an attitude that permeates your being every single day. An attitude which tells you that you can succeed. An attitude that allows you to tell the world that if you can do it they can too! Pass your lessons and your confidence on to those who need an extra boost today and the world WILL be a better place!


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