Limited Edition- Sakura Cherry Blossom

Our fabulous new fragrance, Sakura Cherry Blossom, exquisitely interprets the airiness of Spring blossoms fluttering on the boughs. Pure. Transient. This diaphanous fragrance layers the subtlety of cherry blossom with chiffon sheer notes of rose, accented with the sweetness of bergamot.

Launched as part of our light floral fragrance family, Sakura Cherry Blossom began life in 2011 and will only be here for a short time. This scent is only available in a cologne, both 1 ounce and 3.4 ounces.

Fragrance cards are always available for your sampling, I am happy to send them to you. Feel free to contact me at (215)622.4422 to find out more about this or any other Jo Malone products.

Valarie Stock
Image Consultant
Direct. (215)622.4422

“Creating a world of extraordinary style, one person at a time”


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