Fragrance Structure

Have you ever thought about the fragrance that you wear and how much goes into it’s creation? It is astounding to me how many tiny details go into the making of a fragrance. Did you know that a bottle of fragrance can encompass up to 1000 ingredients? These ingredients are usually arranged into a fragrance pyramid with certain properties forming the top, middle and base notes of the product. Different ingredients vary in terms of lasting power, which means that they come to the fore at different times while the fragrance is on the skin. This is called the evaporation life of a fragrance and is made up of three stages:

The Top Note
~ The top note is the first impression we get of a fragrance.
~ This is the first phase of a perfume’s evaporation life.
~ It is made mainly of light, volatile materials, often citrus notes but heart and base notes can contribute to the top note as well.

The Heart
~ The heart develops after a few minutes on the skin.
~ This is the second phase of the perfume’s evaporation life, it occurs after the top note has faded.
~ The heart is usually floral, spicy or herbaceous.

The Base Note
~ The base note has the greatest lasting power and can last for hours.
~ This is the third and final phase of a perfume’s evaporation life.
~ It is made up of the lasting ingredients, often woods, resins and animalic ingredients, which help to hold the fragrance on the skin.

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