Bloomingdale’s hires Valarie Stock to launch Jo Malone

Willow Grove, PA – November 18, 2010 – On November 4th, Bloomingdale’s announced the hiring of Valarie Stock of Fountainville, PA to join their team in Willow Grove to launch Jo Malone – a luxury lifestyle brand of products. Valarie started her career in the cosmetics industry 19 years ago and is returning after spending the past 2 ½ years as an Image Consultant for men, specializing in bespoke (custom-made to the buyer’s specification) tailored clothing. She has worked with clients throughout the Delaware Valley to outfit them for personal and professional success and believes that launching Jo Malone is the ideal merge of her background in cosmetics and bespoke custom clothing.

Contact information, as follows;

Valarie Stock
Image Consultant
(215) 622.4422

Media Contact
Debbie Goetz
Debbie Goetz Media Productions
(215) 630.5408


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