“Remembering Your First… Once you go to custom, you will never go back…”

Those of my readers who have yet to experience custom clothing are always asking “What is the big deal- Why would I want to spend the extra money on custom?”  My answer is always “The question should be why not? Purchasing custom clothing is a luxury service like no other- one that you will never forget.”  The beauty is that you are not buying a shirt or a suit, you are purchasing an level of service meant only for you.  What’s included in the process?  I am here to give you an overview…
Your own time is never wasted in the custom process, we meet you in the comfort of your home or office.  That feeling you get when you walk into a large retail store and realize just how overwhelming all of the options can be- do you know the one I am speaking of?  It doesn’t happen with custom, you simply sit down and have a conversation so that we may find out your own personal taste and style.  Once aware of what those tastes are, the selection process begins.  The first step is to look at swatches and determine the colors that are best suited for you and your wardrobe.  Once selections are made, we will measure to make sure that your suit or dress shirt is designed for you, exclusively.  When these two steps are complete, the design process begins.  You see, building a custom suit or dress shirt can allow for benefits that off the rack clothing just does not. A collar that will enhance your facial shape, a monogram designed especially for you or a suit that you love to wear… just a few of the things you have to look forward to when you go custom.
Your second fitting is when the fun begins.  You will need to try on your new suit or shirt for fit and styling.  Many times slight adjustments to suiting will be necessary, ones that can be made in a few short days.  However, if you have purchase dress shirts, the appointment will end with an inventory of new shirts and selection of accessories that we build around your existing wardrobe.  Once you try on the shirts to ensure the fit is correct, we will look at different ties, cuff links and pocket squares hand picked just for you before our appointment.  In the comfort of your home or office, you are able to have your custom clothing delivered and all of your accessories hand picked exclusively for you.  That wonderful, that simple.  Custom clothing is something that every man should experience at one time or another….  Please feel free to contact me at (215)622.4422 and discuss the different options available for you.


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