A Professional Man’s Guide to the Top 10 Essentials of Dress

1. A Good Suit.  I do not know a man alive who does not have the occasion to wear a suit.  Sooner or later, a man will have to graduate or attend a wedding or an interview.  Make sure you are prepared when duty calls- get yourself a navy or charcoal suit, complete with the correct accessories, which will carry you through so many different occasions.  The suit will work for the business and more formal occasions or you can wear the items separately to create new looks within your wardrobe.
2. A Coordinating Sport Coat.  Once you have the suit, make sure you can wear it many ways with the purchase of a coordinating sport coat.  This coat will work with your suit trousers, your jeans or even an extra pair of trousers when you choose to splurge.
3. White Shirt.  Simply put, this is a must.  The versatility of this item is one you cannot do without, one that will enhance many an outfit.  I advise my clients to have a collection of white shirts- one is never enough.  Look for different fabrics, different materials and different weaves so that you can mix and match them with different pieces in your wardrobe.
4. Jeans.  No jeans, really??  This is a backbone of your wardrobe, one that can enhance you in so many ways. With a dress shirt and suit jacket for dinner or your favorite t-shirt for watching the game, make sure you are prepared when looking for comfort.
5. Dress shoes.  If you only have the money for one pair, make it a pair of black dress oxfords.  This pair of shoes will carry you through so many functions, I guarantee that you will be pleased with your purchase.  If you can splurge on two, go for the oxblood, a fabulously rich color that will separate you from the masses.
6. Dress Trousers.  I always advise my clients to incorporate a couple of pairs of dress trousers into their wardrobe.  Sometimes you just have to step up and leave the jeans at home for the evening.  Standing out from the crowd is a good thing and with the right coordination, a great pair of trousers will get you noticed.
7. White T-shirts.  There is nothing worse than a man who looks great until you look at his undershirt and it is fagged and faded.  Ugh, what a disappointment.  Make sure you purchase good white t-shirts on a continual basis, ones that have a bit of stretch to them so that they look good after every washing.  100% cotton tends to show wear quicker and does not have the same stay power as the blended material.
8. Watch.  Do yourself a favor and purchase the best watch you can afford.  If you are limited to purchasing one watch make it as versatile as possible and be sure to heir to the more formal side.  This will ensure that it carries you from work to weekend with ease, though it might not work for bike riding in the park.  For that, you can wait until you find a great sale on a sports watch, right?
9. Overcoat.  If you take the time to make sure that your wardrobe is filled with the right pieces, you need an overcoat to protect them from the elements- not to mention protecting yourself from the elements.  It is a functional and stylish at the same time, however it doesn’t work so well in the springtime.  Once the seasons change you will still require a coat, it will just need to be a trench of some kind.
10. Accessories.  This could easily be the most detailed description of the list.  Your accessories can set you apart from the rest, spruce up an old and tired look or completely update a wardrobe of essential pieces and make them look like new.  Think belts, ties, cuff links, pocket squares and pinkie rings, gentlemen.  Though many a man believe that quality accessories are just for women, I beg to differ.  My clients know the value of accessorizing every outfit they have to ensure that they never go unnoticed.
This is a good place to begin, however there are so many more details to discuss.  There is no excuse for bad style, period.  I have shopped with clients that have minimal budgets and I have shopped with clients that have no budget- there is quality at every price point, you just have to make the time and the effort to find it.  Want to know more… Contact me at (215)622.4422 or valarie@reidparkllc.com and let’s have a conversation.  I am always looking to speak with new people and assist them in putting together a successful wardrobe!

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